Phormium ‘atro purpurea’ nana

Phormium ‘atro purpurea’ nana

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Botanical Name

  • Phormium ‘atro purpurea’ nana

Common Name

  • New Zealand flax


  • Nieu-Seelandse vlas


  • 2.5L (N4 Bag)
Shade Sun Semi-Shade Water Wise Indigenous
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New Zealand flax is a slow growing perennial plant. One of the main requirements this plant has is well-draining soil. Boggy or heavy clay soils will reduce growth and can contribute to rotten stems and rhizomes. The flax tolerates partial sun but will perform better in full sun situations.

It is easy to maintain, drought tolerant when established, and makes a good erosion control. New Zealand flax plant care is minimal once plants are mature, but the flax may suffer damaged and shredded leaf tips in windy and exposed sites.


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